Land that has been mined by the Chinese in Ghana where we own a Reclamation Company and have contracts with the government to reclaim over 800,000 acres of this land. These rivers could use our EC and PIR Technologies for they flow yellow.


This is one of our mobile recycling units sitting in West Virginia removing Selenium from ponds.

There propably are not a lot of American's that don't know about the water problems that the oil companies have created in places like west Texas and North Dakota where a barrel of water for Fracing operations cost $11.35 per barrel as of 2015.  Consider that it takes between 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 gallons of water to do one Natural Gas Well that uses horizontal drilling and Hydro Fracing to complete the well.  If they were using our Plasma Incubator Reactor System with its own electric generating capability to recycle water coming back up the hole in these wells and they recycling it so that they would not have to draw another 2 million gallons of fresh water from a river or a lake or pond or out of the undergroun aquifer, we could give them a cleaned barrel of water for as little as 2.50 a barrel and that is 42 gallons.

All 10 of the major natural gas producing oil companies have known about this technology since 2004 but not a one of them has stepped up to the plate to do what is considered a Green Well, one that uses recycled water instead of fresh water.  Before the public started making such an issue of using fresh water for these wells there was no reason for the oil companies to adopt a new way of getting their water for in Texas and othere southern states the abundance of water is not an issue and the oil companies could drill their own downhole disposal wells back in the early 2000's.  

Today however is another story for the entire US has become aware of the problems that the use of fresh water has brought to many a community in America and in Oklahoma where there is over 1,100,000,000 (that is one billion one hundred million gallons of water) is being shot down disposal wells to a depth of 10,000 feet.  This has fluidized ancients faults in the mantle of the earth and has caused more that 913 earth quakes, (2015 total figure), all because the oil companies are disposing of Frac & Produced Water down hole into the ground instead of recycling it which is possible with our technoloy.  In Oklahoma we met with 2 Senators and other legislators who have written laws that has stopped 40% of the down hole disposal of this water.  The state is offering the Foundation a contract to process this 400,000,000 million gallons of water and stop the earth quakes.  As we work in other states to get their governments to write laws that will stop this contamination of our wells and aquifer's then we will have such a large market for our technologies that we will not be able to build them fast enough.

In our other market of Mining and Refining we will see an upsurge in orders as soon as we have raised enough money to build the first production unit which will take around $4,000,000.  

We have two ways to market our products, the first is we can offer these units on a per barrel service contract to remove the contaminants from their water and then we will sell the recycled water back to them for as little as $1.00 a barrel.  We will be well justified in charging up to $4.50 per barrel in places like North Dakota and as little as $2.50 in West Texas and Louisiana.  Or we will sell the units to them with a life time maintaince contract to supply them with the electrodes that make the machines function.  One of these sets of electrodes costs $32,000.00.  They will last for millions of gallons of water.  

Either market means millions in sales of this unit and even billions in revenue if we take it to the countries that do not have any fresh or clean drinking water like Accra in Ghana where they have only salt water in their aquifer.  

This is what a Frac Pond looks like after the Frac Water has been brought back up to the surface after the completion of a natural gas well.